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25 Vape Blogs You Should Probably Bookmark Today

top 25 vaping blogs 2016

Ever since the first vaporizers and electronic cigarettes rolled off the production lines, the internet has been awash with articles from bloggers claiming to know about the best designs and the tastiest oils available on the market.

There’s still a lot of trash out there written by marketing companies and “writers for hire” who don’t really have a understanding of vape-culture, and that’s why we thought all readers would benefit from this article. We scoured the online world in an attempt to discover some of the most informative and cutting-edge blogs that everyone should probably bookmark today.

Take a look and see for yourselves…

1. Vapor4Life

vape4life Perhaps one of the largest and most-frequently visited vaping pages around today, the Vapor4Life blog is popular with both new and experienced vaporizer fanatics. It covers simple day to day tips and tricks whilst also saving space for articles about politics and also personal experiences.

2. VaporVanity

vf When it comes to news and product reviews, the dedicated vaper will find everything they need to know over at VaporVanity. Visitors are encouraged to subscribe and have new articles sent straight to their email address, and so those who like to hear about the latest legal/media revelations before anyone else shouldn’t overlook this simple yet focused site.

3. VapingPoint

vaping point With all blog posts written by grandmother “VapingPoint Liz,” this website offered a refreshing and alternative perspective on the benefits of using electronic products over traditional smoking tobacco. Liz is a committed campaigner for more scientific research, and she publishes some of the most advanced and thought-provoking articles spanning the entire vape-lovers content spectrum.

4. VapersVoice

vapersvoicenet For vaping 101 and just about as many FAQs as any one person can handle, you simply must check out VapersVoice. The website is still growing at the moment, but hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts read and share the articles every week. As the motto goes – vape loud, and vape proud!

5. VapingLinks

vapinglinks VapingLinks offers a fascinating insight into the thoughts and experiences of an ex-smoker from Ohio who adopted vaporizers during the early days and still sings their praises today. It’s the perfect resource of those who enjoy the personal side of the industry, but the blog also offers reams of information relating to science, research, and more.

6. ECF

ecigarette forum Okay, okay, so, this might seem like we’re cheating because the e-cigarette forum clearly isn’t a blog. Don’t stress though, we haven’t gone stark raving mad – there are blogs on the forum that are well worth a read! Many of the users write posts from time to time, and the link we’ve published takes you straight to the right section. Real articles from real people!

7. TheHappyVaper

happy vaper The Happy Vaper doesn’t write as many blogs as some of the other people/companies on this list, but who needs quantity when you have quality? All articles and reviews are compiled by someone who tried vaping for the first time in 2010 and never looked back. Can you really blame them?

8. VaporJoes

vapor joes
8. Promoted as the most widely read vaping resource, it’s clear to see that VaporJoe works hard at his craft. He publishes some of the best offers and discount codes available to the vaping community, and he has a huge social media following thanks to the sheer volume and uniqueness of his content. Make sure you take a look at the blog today!

9. American Vaping Association

ava The American Vaping Association advocates for business owners in the growing vaping industry. They hold a passion for educating users and those in office about new research and information filtering into the public domain. If you’re a serious vaper, the blog on their website is essential reading.

10. GuideToVaping

guidetovping Guide To Vaping offers something a little different because the site lists some of the best up-and-coming vape events alongside it’s standard news, reviews and celebrity interviews format. There’s usually something interesting on there to satisfy those content urges, and new posts are uploaded regularly.

11. VapingMilitia

vaping militia Anyone who wants to know more about advocacy in America and the fight for vaping freedoms needs to read this blog. The team behind the site also put webcasts together for their members, having created somewhat of a tight-knit online vaping community.

12. TassieVapes

tassie Vape culture seems to be hitting the continent of Australia a little slower then other English-speaking nations, but this blog is helping to pave the way for a new revolution in smoke-free technology by releasing inspiring articles to their growing Ozzy audience.

13. VaperClub

vape club Vape Club International provides lots of content and information for those who enjoy traveling the world with their favorite liquid-burning gadget. It offers advice for backpackers, and lists many different laws and regulations people need to consider before leaving home. There are also some reliable reviews, embeddable info-graphics, and more.

14. DrVapeIt

drvapit Sometimes we all need the opinion of a medical professional, and that’s why Dr Vape It has become an online phenomena. If you live in America and want to know more about the harms of cigarettes or the benefits of vaping, you don’t need to look any further.

15. FactsDoMatter

facts do matter Facts Do Matter is perhaps one of the most well-written vaping blogs to come out of the UK. The Government in that part of the world passed some new laws concerning the use of vaporizers recently, and the writers who submit articles to this site have a LOT to say about it.

16. SteveK

steve k Steve K launched his Vaping World blog more then three years ago to help promote the use of safe vaping in the U.S. Since that time, Steve has become a respected minor online celebrity thanks to his commitment to releasing some of the most intriguing political articles and reviews.

17. SpinFuel

spinfuel Again, we don’t want you to think we’re cheating here as Spinfuel is more of an e-magazine than blog. However, the site is free for anyone to read, and it contains a wealth of posts covering everything from the controversial subject of hemp oil vaping to personal opinions on flavour bans.

18. Breazy

breazy Most look elsewhere when they notice a blog connected to an online store. That’s because they presume it will only contain promotional articles linking to products available for sale. Even so, Breazy is most definitely worth another look. Want to know about the best dessert flavoured e-liquids? Fancy some free giveaways? Then click the link and check it out for yourself!

19. VaporRage

vapor rage Discussing some of the more serious issues in the vaping world, this blog is visited by thousands every month. It offers first-class advice on health issues like vaping when pregnant, and it also shows you how to choose the correct nicotine strength with a view to kicking the addiction altogether. Subscribe to keep updated with all the latest posts.

20. VeganVape

vegan vape For vaping tutorials, rants, and raves, VeganVape is the blog for you. Maybe you’re one of those people who pick things up faster with visual stimulus? Well, there are enough instructional videos on this websites to keep you occupied for a VERY long time.

21. VapingUnderground

vaping underground Vaping Underground is a forum first and foremost, but it’s used by hundreds of thousands of like-minded people from the vaping community. Readers can find everything from tips and tricks articles to beginner’s guides. Just scroll through each section and see what catches your eye.

22. EcigarettePolitics

e cigarette politics This blog promotes itself as Where health meets politics: examining the pressure to restrict vaping and THR in order to protect the smoking economy. Like some of the other sites on this list, it discusses the ins and outs of legal issues surrounding the broad field of vaping and vaporizer use.

23. DickPuddlecote

dick pudd If they had to pick a favourite blog from this list, most people would probably choose this one written by the wonderful Dick Puddlecote. With a grass roots commitment to spreading information and presenting new ideas, you really have to admire this guy.

24. AntiThrLies

anti thr Misinformation is everywhere in the vape world these days, and that’s something C.V Phillips hopes to change. He’s currently working as a Scientific Director for CASSA, and he’s renowned for being one of the most educated professionals in the field.

25. VapingGiraffe

vaping giraffe The Vaping Giraffe might sound like a silly name, but that is in no way representative of the quality of the blog posts published to this page. There are plenty of excellent reviews for products you might not have otherwise encountered, and the writers take a particular interest in the legal vaping situation currently swaying opinions in European countries like Norway.

Did we miss anything important? Let us know which are your favorite vaping blogs in the comments!