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3 Things Every Vaper Needs To Own

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When it comes to being a vaper, whether a newbie or a seasoned pro, there are some basic items one has to have to be able to vape. While some hobbyists have literally hundreds of mods, batteries, tanks and e-liquids, if you don’t have the fundamental basics for vaping, you are probably still a smoker.

In this day and age, vaping is proving to be the most effective and safe way to give up smoking tobacco, and has replaced nicotine gum, patches and other smoking cessation products, which so far achieved little success in general for people wanting to give up smoking. In a sense, vaping offers the best of both worlds; the ability to still ‘smoke’ something that produces clouds (vapor,) while taking care of the nicotine dependence, and hopefully reducing it steadily over time.

So what are the 3 things every vaper needs to own in order to be considered a vaper?

1: An E-cigarette

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We want to be clear when we say ‘e-cigarette’ as these come in so many different formats and styles. However, one needs to have the basic ‘kit’ in order to vaporise their nicotine-infused e-liquid, and deliver it to their system. When e-cigarettes first hit the market, around 7 years ago, they were known by some as ‘cigalikes’ in that they were basic cigarette-sized batteries, with a tobacco flavored nicotine cartridge and even a red light on the tip which lit up when vaped.

Since then, a lot more advanced e-cigarette devices have reached the market, with separate, variable wattage and voltage batteries, as well as tanks (formerly known as cartomisers) which deliver a much larger amount of vapor, and therefore taste and nicotine. Whether you opt for an old school cigalike or for the most advanced tank and battery setup, you’ll need something that turns your e-liquid into vapor.

2: Some E-Liquid



So you’ve got your e-cig, all charged up and ready to go, but the clear tank on top of the battery is empty. Thats where the so-called ‘e-liquid’ comes in. E-liquid, also known as e-juice, among other names, is made up of four main components: propylene glycol (pg), vegetable glycerin (vg), liquid nicotine and flavorings (both natural and artificial.) Firstly, one has to chose the strength of the nicotine in their e-liquid and that is done by volume. Typically e-liquids come in strengths ranging from 3-18mg per 100ml, so one needs to know which level is best for them.

For example, if you are a heavy smoker, on a pack or more a day, you would want to begin with a high level of nicotine in your liquid, while milder smokers would opt for an e-liquid with a less strong nicotine content. As well as that, especially these days, there are literally thousands of e-liquid flavors available on the market, from simple tobacco or menthol flavors to fruity and cereal based flavors, all depending on your own personal taste.

3: Some Will Power 

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Yeah we know, you didn’t see number 3 coming, but the truth is that a person wanting to become a vaper only needs two pieces of hardware, strictly speaking in order to vape, as outlined above. However, there is a third dimension, and that is a little thing called will power. But why is will power relevant here? Well, for one, vaping is not smoking, and while many pro-vapers swear it is better and more satisfying than smoking, a seasoned smoker of 20 years may need some time ‘adjusting’ to the new reality.

Many people say that there is nothing quite like burning a cigarette, first thing in the morning or after a good steak meal. After all, cigarettes are very habit-forming and the form of nicotine delivery to the body is quicker and harder than with vaping. Let us explain. When you combust something, like tobacco, the lungs take the active components (including around 4,000 nasty chemicals and carcinogens) almost directly to the blood stream, and a smoker gets their ‘nicotine buzz’ fast and intense. However, as vaping is a different form of nicotine delivery, it is more mild, steady and definitely takes some getting used to. And that’s exactly where the will power comes in. At first a smoker may find vaping challenging, fiddly, not what they’re used to. But the benefits of not smoking tobacco soon shine through, all you need is a healthy dose of will power.

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