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5 Pro Hacks For Sticking To E-Cigs

5 Pro Hacks For Sticking To E-Cigs

The decision to switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping with e-cigs is the easy part. The (slightly) difficult part is getting your body to cope with the transition.

You need to understand that you have built up a dependence for the form of nicotine that you have been inhaling with all its chemical additives. Your body has to adapt to the purer type of nicotine in e- cigs and rid itself of the toxins it is used to. Some “withdrawal” type symptoms disappear after a few days, but others can take up to around three weeks, so perseverance is critical if you really want to kick the tobacco habit.

kick the tobacco habit

You might notice that you are still coughing; this is a reaction in the lungs to cleaning out years of accumulated tar and carcinogenic chemicals. The cough becomes looser and less congestive as the toxic material detaches itself from the lung lining.

There can be some other minor problems during the first few weeks of transition, for example, hoarseness from the coughing, headaches or slight dizziness. These are all good signs that the body is cleansing itself. You will also notice that your sense of taste and smell changes and foods that you once found bland an uninteresting may now taste delicious as the flavor is no longer masked by tobacco.

You know the potential benefits of e-cigs but how can you cope with the switch away from your established method of getting your nicotine fix?

Because it can take up to 3 weeks to get used to e-cigs, our pros recommend the following 5 tricks on how to stick with it:

1. Always Carry The E-Cig With You

Always Carry The E-Cig With You

This must seem like stating the obvious, but, initially, you need to form the habit of making sure you carry your e-cigs with you at all times, just as you did with your cigarettes in the past. It’s also a good idea to have a spare cartridge or two to ensure you don’t run out of liquid.

2. Match Nicotine Levels

Match Nicotine Levels

Because e-liquids offer different strengths of nicotine, you can choose the one which mostly closely matches the level of nicotine you are used to. It may take a little trial and error, but matching your accustomed level will make the switch easier.

3. Make Sure Battery Is Fully Charged

E-Cigarette Battery Charger

You need to remember how e-cigarettes function; not paying attention to battery level is one of the commonest errors of new users. As a safety backup, always carry the battery charger with you.

4. Don’t Vape Alone

Don't Vape Alone

The social aspect of vaping is especially important for new users of e-cigs. Vaping with friends gives just the right impetus and encouragement to carry on.

5. Don’t Carry Any Tobacco Cigarettes

Don't Carry Any Tobacco Cigarettes

Don’t allow yourself to give way to temptation and take the “easy way out” if you find adjustment to e-cigs a little difficult.

You already made the switch to e-cigarettes; these tips will just ease you along the path to being smoke free.