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7 Tips And Tricks For New Vapers

7 Tips And Tricks For New Vapers

Since electronic cigarettes were invented over 10 years ago they have come a long way. Consumers now expect that their e-cigarette will work flawlessly the first time regardless of what they do.

If only life were that simple!

The fact is there are still a few basic e-cigarette tricks that will give you the smoothest and most enjoyable e-smoking experience possible. Check them out:

Trick #1: Prime Your Puffs

Automatic batteries tend to produce less vapor per puff than manual batteries due to the short delay between drawing on the e-cigarette and the vapor being produced.

With a manual battery, you can prime your puffs by holding down the button for a few seconds.

The trick to achieve the same effect with an automatic battery is to take one or two brief “primer” puffs before trying for a longer puff.

Trick #2: Don’t overfill

Don’t overfill e-cigarette with e-liquid

Vapor is produced by a heating coil wrapped around a wick which heats up e-liquid to produce the vapor. The residual heat then forces more e-liquid to be drawn from the connected reservoir or tank.

The problem that reduces vapor production occurs when the wick is already saturated and you try to add more liquid. This results in less air flow through the atomizer or cartomizer, which in turn makes your puffs feel less full.

If you hear a gurgling noise when you try to draw on your e-cigarette, there is too much e-liquid.

Trick #3: Try Different E-Liquids

All e-liquids use a base that consists of propylene glycol, glycerin or a mix of the two to stabilize flavors and to produce a smoke effect when vaporized. It’s a good idea to try different e-liquids and to read e-liquid reviews whenever possible.

Trick #4: Low-Resistance Attachments

Check the size and capacity of your e-cigarette. You can opt to swap out standard 2.5 and 3.0 ohm atomizers and cartomizers for low-resistance 1.5 ohm versions. You can also get into what is know as “Sub Ohming” Which uses coil with a resistance of less than 1 Ohm.

The difference is that they convert more of the battery power they use into watts, which in turn creates a larger and more satisfying vapor cloud with each draw.

Trick #5: Charge The Battery

Charge The e-cigarette Battery

The amount of charge in your battery will drain slowly as you use it, resulting in a dip in voltage and reduced vapor production. To maximize your vapor production, always remember to charge your battery on a regular basis.

Trick #6: Invest in A Better Battery

The larger a battery’s capacity, the more full, satisfying puffs it can produce before the voltage starts to dip. If you use different types of cartomizers or low-resistance atomizers, only use a large capacity battery. Smaller batteries can’t deliver the same amount of power that these high-load attachments demand.

Trick #7: Become A Full-Time Vaper

E-cigarettes are nothing like traditional cigarettes. The taste, the texture, the efficiency by which nicotine enters your bloodstream and the way that you smoke are all different.

They provide an experience that’s similar to tobacco cigarettes, but not entirely the same. Don’t alternate between tobacco cigarettes and e-cigs.

If you switch to being a full-time vaper your cravings to smoke a regular cigarette will simply stop altogether. This will make your vaping experience all the more satisfying.