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Best E Liquid Flavors On The Market

Best E Liquid Flavors On The Market

When it comes to e liquid flavors it’s more a question of personal preference than anything else…

That being said, there are definitely e liquid flavors on the market that a majority of vapers find yummy (and can’t live without in some cases) and those flavors which some can’t even vape.

With e liquid flavors there are basically two types of vapers: Those who like dessert/sweet vapes, and those who prefer fruity vapes.

One vaper’s pleasure is another’s nightmare, and for some reason the whole flavor issue is a really big deal in the vaping world.

Ex-smokers usually go through a process, having given up the stinkies, and moved to pleasant smelling vapor, and instead of huddling under an umbrella in the rain to smoke a cigarette, vapers often look for the ultimate taste experience from their e liquid, sometimes the point of obsession.

I have a friend who was utterly obsessed with an orange/vanilla vape liquid he came across, and vaped daily for months. When he told his buddies how awesome the juice was, and even bought them a bottle to sample, he was totally shocked when they hated the juice and he was left confused.

Those buddies seemed to prefer flavors like marshmallow, pie crust, custard and Graham Cracker, and they promptly said “thanks, but no thanks” for their free samples.

Middle Aged Man Eating Cheesecake

Some vapers, both amateurs and pros, like to stick to one particular e liquid flavor, while others like to switch up five different flavors in a day.

Many have what is known as an “ADV” (all day vape,) and this is the liquid they favor while at work or as their “go to” vape.

In the same way that some people like cheese and some hate it, e liquid vape flavors are very subjective and therefore very much a personal thing.

Thankfully, there are literally hundreds of e liquid flavor combinations on the market, and that means there’s something out there for everyone, no matter what their taste in vape juice.

You can always just find a single flavor you like and stick to it. Perhaps apple or blueberry or sticky bun or sweet cream. Then there’s the world of ‘fusion flavors,’ which are more bespoke e liquids which incorporate a variety of flavors in one single vape.

single fruit flavor fusion flavors e liquid

Some e juice producers make themed flavors such as “morning time” which includes tastes like vanilla, espresso coffee, and brown sugar. There are also fruit fusion flavors available which include mixes such as blackberry, red apple and pineapple.

Whatever your personal preference it’s almost impossible not to find an e juice flavor you like, whether single or fusion, you just need to work out whether you are a fruity vaper or a desserty vaper.

Once you establish that the world of vaping is your proverbial oyster.