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Best E liquid Flavors

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When it comes to the best E Liquid flavors for you, it’s more a question of personal taste than anything else, as taste is something which is completely subjective.

Some people are just crazy about fruit-based flavors, such as lemon, black cherry and watermelon. Then again, there are those who can’t even stomach the smell of fruity E Liquids and way prefer dessert-based juices such as vanilla custard, apple pie and tiramisu.

fruity and dessert flavour E Liquids vanilla custard apple pie tiramisu
Bearing in mind that the flavorings used in E Liquids are almost completely artificial, you won’t be tasting any real apple or custard in your E Liquid, even though some taste pretty close to the real thing.

The depth of flavor you get from your liquid does depend on a number of other factors as well, taking into account the coil and tank you use, as well as the temperature which you vape at.

As an example of this, an atomizer tank with a coil of 1.8 Ohms will offer less flavor, and of course less vapor, than a tank with a 0.5 Ohm resistance. The latter in this case is known as “sub Ohming” which, while very tasty, has come under some scrutiny with some suggesting that it isn’t so healthy to vape at such high wattage.

There are also unique E Liquid flavor blends which are more complex and include flavors such as Kentucky Bourbon, pastry crust and even Graham Crackers!

The flavor list is really endless as you can even purchase flavors such as marshmallow, cotton candy and Gummy Bear mix, but at the end of the day, it’s all a question of taste and personal preference.

What appeals to one person can taste bad to another, and an example of this is the sweeter, creamy flavors which taste great to some yet are unvapeable for others.

e-cig juice flavor sample bottles

A good idea to establish which are the best E Liquid flavors for you is to buy small (usually 10ml) sample bottles, which are sold by many online companies, so you can decide for yourself which flavor profile works best for you.

Another tip is to decide what kind of flavor concentrate works best, as some prefer weaker tasting E Liquid, while others are keen on a richer, more flavorful vaping experience.