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Can E-Cigs Really Help To Kick The Tobacco Habit?

Can  E-Cigs Really Help To Kick The Tobacco Habit

The claim that there are beneficial effects of using e-cigarettes has been given a boost recently following the results of new research.

The Montreal Chest Institute has revealed that a substantial percentage of its patients, who were using e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking, had not resumed using tobacco for periods ranging from three months to a year. The researchers were focusing on people who had been smoking for decades and were considered “hard core” smokers. They found that 43 percent of the sample group had given up tobacco completely during the period under review

Siobhan Carney, a nurse practitioner with the project said: “It really is encouraging as a jumping off point to really look at this long term with the clients that we follow.”

dr-mitch-shulman-CJADHowever, Dr. Mitch Shulman, health advisor to news site CJAD, sounded a note of caution pointing out that e-cigarettes had not been around a sufficient time for the long term effects to be assessed.

Shulman said:

We made a mistake when cigarettes were first allowed out, we assumed they were safe. We’ve learned I hope from our past mistakes just to take things a little bit easier and make sure we have enough data there.

Nurse Carney agreed that the Institute needs to carry out further research on e-cigarette users.

It would be interesting to see if they come off e-cigarettes and do they want to? Some might be perfectly happy to stay using the e-cigarette and is that okay? We’re not sure.

What is certain is that an evaluation must be made to confirm that e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to the deadly smoking habit.

One reason for the urgency is that The Center for Disease Control released a study this month showing nearly two million American children have tried electronic cigarettes over the past three years. This followed research by scientists in Arizona who were attempting to learn how much influence social media has on e-cig users.

Researchers Scott Leischow and Daniel Zeng, who are with the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, say they have collected enough data to show that most e-cig users are trying to quit tobacco.

e-cig users are trying to quit tobacco

The majority of people who are going to vape shops are doing so because they either want to quit smoking or they want to reduce their smoking.

The problem is that definitive proof of the claim that e-cigs are healthier than conventional cigarettes is still sparse. However, consumers do understand that the nicotine liquid used in e-cigs does not contain the hundreds of toxic and proven carcinogenic additives that are found in traditional cigarettes.

Currently, anyone who wants to learn about e-cigarettes can go online and simply run a search, but the information is limited. Mark Jreissag, from VaporIce in north Phoenix, a retailer of e-cigarettes, said it would help if “on e-liquids people advertised what they have in it, so that customers and shop owners know the exact ingredients inside.”

Logically, the more information available to potential users about the positive benefits of e-cigarettes, the more likely they are to use them to help kick their dependence on tobacco once and for all.