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Dream’s Brand New E-Liquid Range Hits The Shelves

Dream Smoke New E-Liquid Range Hits The Shelves

It’s been a long year and a half of research, development and production, as Dream proudly presents out all-new premium e-liquid range, which we are delighted and honored to bring to the vaping market.

So what did we do in these 18 months to produce our wonderful new e-liquid? A good question, let’s just say we experimented with over 500 flavor blends, and tested them on focus groups who spent hours testing the blends across various devices to see which flavors would work best.

It goes without saying that Dream E-liquids are clean, very clean, in fact they are spotless. In this day and age where vapers don’t know exactly what is going into their vape juice, Dream make it a priority to provide the very best quality E-liquid with absolutely zero “nasties” inside.

We achieve all this without compromising for a second on flavor, which we guarantee is delicious and rounded.

At Dream we made a decision long ago to only use the very best products on the market to make our sumptuous e-liquids, and we are pleased that we have been able to achieve that goal while still providing the luxurious flavor our customers expect and deserve.

Dream juices are made only in the USA, using the very best quality Kosher USP Grade VG and PG, as well as the cleanest liquid nicotine available anywhere today. Our flavor concentrates are all professionally mixed in-house, and are all derived from our own flavorings, and not outsourced to third party flavor concentrates.

Dream currently offers our new E-liquid range in a 50PG/50VG blend, with nicotine levels of 6,12 and 18mg, to suit your own vaping needs. We present a range of different flavor genres, so there’s something for everyone.

Here is a list with descriptions of the new Dream e-liquid range:

Dream No 1 – Contemporary Tobacco Blend

Dream’s Contemporary Tobacco Blend lets you keep it simple without sacrificing quality, giving you the earthy flavor of Fine Premium Cut Tobacco flavor you’re looking for.

Dream No 2 – Vintage Tobacco Blend

Why compromise on luxury? Dream’s Vintage Tobacco Blend offers the flavor of Fine Premium Cut Tobacco without settling for anything but the fresh and authentic taste you crave.

Dream No 3 – Menthol Blast

Freshen things up with the cool and energizing experience of Dream’s Menthol Blast to get the zing you’re craving in a well-balanced wave of minty refreshment.

Dream No 4 – Autumn Peel

Why compare apples to oranges when you can combine them? Crisp and juicy, Dream’s Autumn Peel combines Bahamian Citrus Orange and Diamond Jubilee Apple into a flavor that’s anything but forbidden.

Dream No 5 – Royal Splash

Feeling tropical? Get ready to kick your shoes off. Dream’s Royal Splash combines Royal Pineapple and Fresh Cut Watermelon for the sweet sensation of a Hawaiian breeze on a juicy summer day.

Dream No 6 – Sugar Blush

Like a fresh, delicious stroll from vineyard to patch, Dream’s Sugar Blush lets loose a juicy flood of Sweet Concord Grape and Fresh Cut Watermelon on your taste buds.

Dream No 7 – Rustic Summer

As delicious and fresh as pie at a picnic, Dream’s Rustic Summer combines juicy Fresh Sweet Strawberry and Royal Pineapple with Rich Fine Vanilla for a flavor as sweet as the days are long.

Dream No 8 – Six AM

Robust and delightful, Dream’s Six AM gets downright decadent, balancing Rich Fine Vanilla with the luxury of Dark Roasted Coffee to perk up your day.