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E-cig Etiquette and The Battle for Hearts and Minds

E-cig Etiquette and The Battle for Hearts and Minds

It’s no secret that municipal and state governments are scrutinizing vaping. Legislation is being proposed and threatening statement have been issued. The changes haven’t been dramatic yet but you can feel something may be in the pipeline.

In response, the vaping community is rushing to try to soften the blow of potential anti-vaping legislation that would have us vapers be restricted, cordoned off – not allowed to enjoy our favorite smoking alternatives at our favorite places of leisure.

E-cig etiquette is the way we are showing the world, for now, that vaping should not be perceived as a villain and future victim of political dragon-slayers.

It’s mostly common sense, but if practiced correctly, e-cig etiquette does have the power to win hearts and minds.

Playing by the rules.

For your knowledge and enjoyment we’ve distilled the most fundamental principles of courteous vaping, AKA e-cig etiquette into five categories.

Don’t vape where you wouldn’t smoke

e-cig smoking Playing by the rules

For the time being. this is the golden rule of vaping. Just because it’s not illegal, doesn’t mean it’s not wrong. Smoking is nasty and smelly. vaping is not. Nevertheless, the average homo-sapien who sees clouds of smoke emanating from a small, tube-shaped contraption you’re puffing on will get a little nervous.

Try to refrain from smoking in places where people will stress, even in the slightest. Places like airplanes, elevators, movie theatres and anywhere else smoking is strictly prohibited are definite no no.

Until people are sophisticated enough to recognize the differences between smoking and vaping, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Even if you’re outside, don’t vape in front of people who would be offended

don't vape outside in front of people who would be offended

Surveys have shown that different demographics of people react to vaping differently. For example males aged 18-35 are the most tolerant as opposed to females of the same age who are simply not.

A word to the wise

vaping in the presence of children

Refrain from vaping in the presence of children

Awareness is the key point. Take a good look around you in the park before lighting up your mod – is there anyone around that’s going to pop a thyroid, get really annoyed and ring up their congressman?

Oh yes, and another golden rule: Refrain from vaping in the presence of children and elderly.

Educate not Impose

Because e-cigs and vaping are still at the nascent stages of their growth curve – you’re getting in at the top. There’s lots of people out there who don’t know a lot about the phenomenon but are curious to find out more.

In order to further the vaping cause you might have to act as an ambassador. When you’re vaping piques a bystanders curiosity and they ask “Hey buddy what is that contraption?” Answer her questions point blank. A little bit of patience and PR can bring another friend over to our camp.

Ask before you vape

Ask before you vape_model_smoking_in_an_office

We’ve discusses answering questions now let’s get to asking some.

Let’s say you walk into your favorite watering hole. You put down your cell, keys and wallet and the bartender already knows what to pour you. Should you feel free to spark up your e-cig? It goes great with beer or any other beverage for that matter and it’s perfectly legal to vape in most bars.

In deference to the rules e-cig etiquette, the best thing to do in this kind of situation would be to ask, even if you know Jim behind the bar couldn’t care less that someone’s vaping as long as they’re drinking.

Asking if it’s cool to vape wins you brownie points and shows that vapers are respectful of their surroundings.

Practice subtle vaping wherever possible

smoking vaping in the officeOk, so we know by now that e-cigs are odorless and don’t even leave a hint of a mess. That still doesn’t mean you can let your vaping run rampant and wild.

Subtlety and tact are always the best choice when it comes to most public exchanges, vaping included.

I had a good thing going at my last job. I was able to take a few puffs of my e-cig at my desk about every half an hour. It saved me from having to take numerous smoke outside the building. No one seemed to be bothered with my new time-saving habit.

But this easy going atmosphere wasn’t enough for one of my co-workers who fiendishly vaped all day long – even when the managers were around. Not smart. It took about one week of that sort of behavior until vaping was banned in the office for good.

Once again, discretion and moderation will leave people with the impression that vaping is no big deal, which is true.

Is there really something we can do?

Leaving aside for a moment the question of whether or not the negative attention focused on vapers is fair, can we do really do anything to change public opinion and steer legislation our way?

In all honesty, it’s tough to say. We all know that if an issue is politically expedient – even if it’s not entirely grounded in fact – it will still be pushed into law by our by politicians fishing for votes.

Keeping this reality in mind, perhaps we do have some control. Public opinion will win the day. By using e-cigs with a healthy dose of common sense and courtesy, we can persuade the majority of decent hardworking folks that e-cigs and vaping are not as invasive and annoying as they might have assumed.

Conclusion? If their constituencies don’t push for bans, hopefully most politician will leave vaping alone. Vapers can then continue enjoying e-cigs in the free and unfettered ways we’re use to.


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