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Five Problems Only E-Cig Users Will Understand


So, you’ve switched to e­cigarettes, and by and large, it’s great.

You’re not smoking anymore, or if you are, you’re smoking way less. You’re saving money, since e­cigs are super economical compared to tobacco cigarettes. People no longer run away when you need to use your e­cig. Your car smells like car and not an ashtray!

Still, you do have other habits to break … ones that aren’t related to cigarettes. Plus you have an all­new routine to learn with some inevitable newfound issues.

Definitely an upgrade regardless, but sometimes you’ll encounter these e­cig problems.

E-Cig Problem #1: It totally encourages your laziness.

ecigs encourage your laziness

Since smoking is allowed basically nowhere nowadays, being a smoker means occasionally going for a walk, or fresh air, or getting up out of your bed to have a cigarette.

Since you can use your e­cig anywhere (within reason), you get to be a lot lazier including lounging in bed until basically forever because nobody ever fell back asleep using an e­cigarette and accidentally ignited a blanket.

All the sleeping in! All of it!

E-Cig Problem #2: Saving money is relative.

buy all the e­cig stuff you want

The thing about the cost savings of switching to e­cigs is that you know you’re saving money by cutting down on or stopping tobacco cigarettes. In turn, you find it way easier to buy all the e­cig stuff you want, like spares and accessories and batteries and chargers. All of it!

E-Cig Problem #3: You don’t throw out e-cigs, so you have stuff all over the place.

E­cig spares and pieces of equipment

Smoke a cigarette, put it out, throw it away, and it’s gone.

Keep a pack in the car, at your desk, and under the attic steps. Cigarettes are disposable and easy to discard or replace.

E­cigs are not disposable most of the time, so you have tons of spares and pieces of equipment around just in case.

E-Cig Problem #4: Know-it-alls, know-it-alls everywhere.

know-it-alls everywhere

You think that everyone would be so excited that there is finally an alternative to tobacco cigarettes to keep everyone happy.

But when you start using your e­cig, health experts begin to appear from the woodwork to tell you that they have nicotine, or they look like smoking, or that they really don’t count as not smoking.

Which is great if you are in the business of collecting other people’s opinions, but can be sort of a pain when you just want to use your e­cig in peace.

E-Cig Problem #5: You can no longer use cigarettes to create an artificial barrier.

cigarette smoke artificial barrier

Now you don’t smell like smoke! Great. But … you can’t use it to avoid conversations/hugs/questions because you are no longer emitting a plume of smoky ash and despair.

Suddenly, you are not unapproachable in the smoking area, because no one is repulsed by your smoke­free e­cig. You can still dart outside with it, but fewer people are disinclined to be near you, because you no longer smell like the bingo hall.

Overall, e­cigs are still an amazing development allowing you to access all the pleasure of smoking without the ash and smell and expense and other downsides ­­ they are just different in some fundamental ways. What did you find to be new about e­cigs versus tobacco cigarettes?