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Menthol, Tobacco Or Creamy Custard: What’s Your ‘Flavor Profile’?


When it comes to choosing an E-liquid that suits your personal taste, the first thing you need to establish is what your ‘flavor profile’ is. A flavor profile is the genre of E-liquid that a person prefers, all based on personal preference and taste of course.

These days there are literally thousands of E-liquids available on the market, and it’s hard for even the most seasoned vaper to choose which product to buy when faced with literally thousands of options, mainly with “themes on a theme” making it even more difficult to choose.

Spearmint, dark chocolate, honeydew melon, citrus, breakfast cereal, there are simply so many genres and sub-genres when it comes to the world of E-liquid. So we at Dream decided to make life easier for all you new vapers and break it down for you, step-by-step, so you can start to make some informed decisions about the E-liquid you splash your cash on.

1. Choose Your Genre


So there are so many flavors out there as we mentioned, but they basically fit into roughly 6 main categories. They are, Bakery/Dessert, Cereal, Fruity, Menthol, Custard, Tobacco. Now you could already decant those main categories straight off the bat, to include, Citrus, Drinks, Herbal and Yoghurt, but these are basically covered by the mains.

Indeed, many E-Liquid vendors who offer a wide range of products have those main categories already set up on their sites, to make your search easier.

2. Choose Your Sub-Genre


We don’t want you to go nuts when it comes to buying E-liquid and finding your ADV (all day vape,) or ADVS. But once you’ve established your main genre in step one above, it’s time to hone your taste just a little bit and choose some sub-genres. Let’s say you like desserts, you’ll want to go ahead and choose a few flavors that fall into that category. For example, vanilla, chocolate, cream, blueberry, would all fall into dessert-type flavors.

3. Choose Your E-liquid Blend


So you’ve chosen your desired flavor and kind of established what your own personal “flavor profile” is. You are nearly there, all that’s left is a couple of simple steps to ensure your vape juice is just what you want it to be…

E-liquid is made up mainly of 4 ingredients: Propylene glycol (pg), vegetable glycerol (vg), flavorings and liquid nicotine. Once you have chosen your flavors you can choose  the pg/vg mix you want. Pg is the stuff that caries the flavor of the juice more strongly, while providing the user with a stronger throat hit when vaping. Vg on the other hand produces little to no throat hit, while producing massive amounts of vapor known as “clouds.”

Most advanced vapers opt for a 70-80% vg mix, for a variety of reasons, not for now. But if you are just starting out, you are probably best advised to stick with a 50/50 pg/vg mix, and you can see from there what works best for you personally.

4. Choose Your Nicotine Level


The majority of vapers are ex-smokers or people wanting to give up smoking. As such, they are initially using E-cigarettes to wean themselves off tobacco. That’s where the nicotine comes into play. Liquid nicotine delivered via an E-cigarette is not as potent (or nearly as dangerous) as nicotine from smoking a traditional cigarette. E-liquids generally come in a range of nicotine strengths, all the way from 24mg right down to zero. As a rough rule of thumb, a heavy ex-smoker would want to start on 12-18mg nicotine, while a light smoker would opt for 3-6mg.

5. Choose Your Brand


It goes without saying that there are hundreds of E-liquid brands out there, especially in North America and Europe. As with any popular product on the market, there are ‘top shelf’ brands and ‘budget’ brands, and of course everything in the middle. While money is always a consideration you should also be sure to check that your E-liquid supplier’s products are safe.

In this day and age of people buying essentially blind on the internet, how are you to know if the E-liquid you are purchasing has been produced in a clean, sterile environment or in someone’s dirty basement? Always be sure to go with a brand that uses clean facilities, and who do not use any controversial ingredients in their products, such as diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl. You should also make sure the brand used USP grade Kosher liquids.