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Top Heart Surgeon Confirms E-Cigarettes: Best Way To Give Up Smoking

Top Heart Surgeon Confirms E-Cigarettes Best Way To Give Up Smoking

On his popular radio show, Todd Shapiro recently interviewed Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar, an eminent heart surgeon and former Chief of Staff at Trillium Hospital in Ontario, Canada.

They discussed the benefits of switching from smoking tobacco to electronic cigarettes and Dr. Bhatnagar revealed some interesting facts. Firstly, he said that research has shown that tobacco is the greatest cause of heart disease, greater even than cholesterol.

He then admitted that, initially, he had been skeptical about the use of e-cigarettes as a method of reducing dependency on tobacco, but then he saw the results of studies which monitored what actually happened. The results showed that e-cigarettes were equal to other traditional alternatives, such as nicotine gum or patches, in reducing tobacco use. The difference was that the effect of e-cigarettes lasted longer with far fewer users relapsing after a period of six months.

Dr.Bhatnagar then examined research from other sources and became convinced that e-cigarettes are the most effective way of helping smokers to kick the habit.

He explains his reasons at length during this fascinating interview, which is a “must see” for everyone struggling with the problem of nicotine addiction.