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Vaping 101 – An Introduction To E-Cigarettes

An Introduction To E-Cigarettes

Since the invention of the electronic cigarette some ten years ago, the range of available options has grown to an extent that can be bewildering for first time users. To solve this problem we present the following information to guide you and help select the device that will set you on the path of vaping.

Essentially, there are three major categories of e-cigarettes: mini, mid-size or mod. Each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks which we indicate below.

1. Mini

Mini E-Cigarettes
This group is most favored by first time users because the devices most closely resemble traditional tobacco cigarettes in size and appearance. They are lightweight and available in both disposable and rechargeable options.

Most companies offer this form of e-cigarette although their construction is not identical. Consequently, you will need to know the series model number – because this indicates the size and thread type – if you want to interchange parts from various suppliers.

Why would you want to do this? Well, even though these devices are similar to each other, some suppliers have improved the performance of their product to provide a more satisfying vaping experience. As you become more familiar with vaping you will grow to appreciate the differences in quality and understand why it’s worth paying a little extra.

Once you’ve found the combination that best suits your needs it’s advisable to stick with it and not spend more time tinkering around as this will distract you from enjoying the process.

Benefits of the Mini:

  • Provides the most natural transition for traditional smokers
  • Small and lightweight – looks and feels like a real cigarette
  • Low-key and discreet
  • Gets you started at lowest cost
  • Perfect for light to moderate smokers


  • Regular battery charging is necessary due to short battery life
  • May not give total satisfaction to former heavy smokers
  • The upgrade options are limited

2. Mid-Size

Mid-Size E-Cigarettes
After completing the introductory period of the e-cigarette experience you will be ready to move to the intermediate stage. These models, designated as mid-size, are about the shape and size of a cigar. They give stronger vapor production and, as an additional benefit, an extended usage period. Some really heavy smokers eliminate the mini-stage and begin by using mid-size devices since they find their performance is more satisfying.

One advantage is that most models are manually operated by push button. This gives the user total control and improves the level of performance, although it differs somewhat from the traditional smoking experience.

Benefits of Mid-Size:

  • Not large – about the size of a cigar
  • Provides twice the performance of a mini in terms of vapor and battery life
  • The 510 thread gives access to a huge range of options
  • Not expensive
  • Satisfies the majority of smokers


  • Larger than a traditional cigarette
  • Most models must be manually operated with a button
  • The performance is not fully customizable

3. Mods (APVs)

Mods APVs E-Cigarettes
Advanced personal vaporizers, usually called mods, promise the ultimate vaping experience.
Most APVs look either like a flashlight (a tubemod) or a box similar to a pack of cigarettes (a boxmod). Minis or mid-size designs use a cylindrical, prepackaged battery pack but mods are usually powered by replaceable 3.7 volt lithium ion cells. They incorporate functions not found in other devices. For example they have an integral liquid feed, use different style tanks and include digital readouts with variable voltage and full electronic control.

The greatest advantage of APVs is the improved performance provided by the larger batteries and the advanced functions that allow users complete control of the many elements of the device.

In order to fully appreciate the performance features of an APV a minimum level of experience is essential. First time users will be more comfortable if they make the transition from mini to mid-size to APV in controlled stages. In any event, most beginners are not initially attracted to mods because of their shape and bulk.

The fact that mods provide the ultimate vaping experience can only really be appreciated by advanced users.

Advantages of mods:

  • Three times the vapor of a mini
  • Extended battery life
  • Solid construction for long term use
  • Full customization of advanced functions


  • More expensive than mini or mid-size
  • More complex battery care because of the individual Li-Ion cells
  • Can only be manually operated

So, now that you know some of the main features of e-cigarettes, you can join the fast growing vaping community with confidence and the assurance that you will be able to find the perfect device for your needs from the vast variety out there.