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Vaping Mods Introduction

Vaping Mods Introduction

When electronic cigarettes were first launched on the US market in 2006/2007, perhaps the most important marketing tool was to demonstrate how similar e-cigarettes were in appearance and tactile use to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Initially, e-cigarettes were disposed of after one use, and the amount of vapor generated was very limited. After a while, users began searching for ways to improve the “vaping experience” both in terms of time and intensity. Thus was born the “modified vaporizer” or “mod” for short.

modified vaporizer vape mod

Vape mods are generally classified according to size, power and function.

The smallest, and least powerful, are known as e-cig mods or “mini.” First time users are attracted to this form of e-cig mod because it most closely simulates the tobacco smoking experience. They are compact, lightweight, and are now available in both disposable and rechargeable options. They are larger than the simple disposable model to allow for the more powerful rechargeable batteries. Although most brands offer this option the construction is not always the same. Consequently, you will need the model reference number to ensure that the size and thread type matches your device.

mid-size variable-voltage modsThe advantages of the of the e-cig mod are:

  • It offers the the most natural transition for traditional smokers
  • Small and lightweight
  • Low-key and discreet
  • Low cost
  • Perfect for light to moderate smokers

The disadvantages are:

  • It requires frequent battery charging
  • may not satisfy former heavy smokers
  • Upgrade options are limited

The more serious forms of modified vaporizers are know as “box mods.” Once people begin to take vaping seriously they begin to appreciate the differences in quality and performance and are prepared to pay more for the enhanced experience. The smaller of the box mod options is classified as “mid-size.” These models are something like the size and shape of a cigar and produce stronger vapor and extended usage. Their main appeal is the fact that they are controllable according to the user’s requirements and a have manual push button feature. For this reason, they are sometimes referred to as “variable-voltage mods.”

box mods variable-voltage modsThe advantages of these models are:

  • Not too large
  • Gives double the performance of a mini e-cig mod in terms of vapor and battery life
  • The 510 thread gives access to a huge range of options
  • Inexpensive
  • Satisfies most former smokers

The disadvantages are:

  • They are larger than traditional cigarettes
  • They have to be manually operated with a button
  • The performance is not fully customizable

These mods are usually powered by replaceable 3.7 volt lithium-ion cells and include functions not found in other devices. Usually, they have an integral liquid feed, use different style tanks and include digital readouts with variable voltage and full electronic control. Their greatest benefit is the improved performance provided by the more powerful batteries and the advanced functions that give users almost total control.


Advantages of variable-voltage mods:

  • Produces three times the vapor of an e-cig mod
  • Considerably extended battery life
  • Solid construction
  • Full customization of many advanced functions


  • Price – more expensive than mini or mid-size
  • Battery care is more complex due to use of individual Lithium-Ion cells
  • Manual operation only

There are numerous vape mods for sale from reputable suppliers, either from websites online or from retail locations in some countries.

Defining the best vape mods, whether the simple e-cig mod, or something more complex, depends very much on personal preference. It is advisable is to carry out your research online, checkout devices that appeal to you, and go for a test run. Many companies offer introductory packages to get you started on the vaping trail and are well worth taking advantage of.