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Vaping Vs Smoking: How Much Healthier Is It?

Vaping Vs Smoking: How Much Healthier Is It?

One of the main areas of misunderstanding in the current vaping vs smoking debate concerns the vapor emitted by e-cigarettes.

This confusion arises because of the superficial similarity between this harmless vapor and the smoke created when tobacco is burned. The process of using an e-cigarette is described as “vaping,” as distinct from “smoking” which relates to tobacco.

Apart from the fact that both contain traces if nicotine – considerably less in the case of the vapor – there is no other chemical connection between the two. It has been proved that cigarette manufacturers add many chemicals to tobacco in order to make it more addictive. Unfortunately, the addiction factor is the least of the problems. Cigarette smoke has been shown to be carcinogenic, and this affects not only the smoker but also anyone else who is close enough to inhale this “secondhand-smoke.”
Second Hand Smoke

One of the main issues to understand in the vaping vs smoking controversy is that the complex structure of tobacco smoke triggers chemical reactions to nerve endings.

It releases dopamine and endorphins which not only give a sense of pleasure, but also increase the heart rate and enhance alertness and reaction time. The nicotine juice used in e-cigarettes is virtually pure and has no additives.

Because of the addiction factor, those who have always obtained their “nicotine-fix” from traditional cigarettes over many years find that the withdrawal symptoms are so severe that they prefer to continue rather than deal with the reality of giving up smoking. Although some people have been able to wean themselves away from smoking by using such things as nicotine patches or nicotine chewing gum, they find it difficult to sustain because they miss the tactile sensation of smoking.
sensation of smoking e-cigarette
E-cigarettes have the great advantage that they provide the nicotine through a process that closely resembles the familiar smoking elements of holding a device, putting it to the lips, and then inhaling and exhaling the vapor. E-cigarettes utilize a Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin based liquid, mixed with small amounts of nicotine and food grade flavoring, that are vaporized in a small battery powered atomizer.

Recent research has shown that in trying to balance the argument of vaping vs smoking, vaping is considerably less harmful as a means of delivering nicotine to the body. Neither system can be called 100 percent safe, but the risk factor with vaping is substantially reduced. Indeed, Public Health England (PHE) claims that studies show vaping is 95 percent safer than smoking and has suggested that e-cigarettes could be prescribed by doctors as a smoking cessation tool.

So if you are tired of the stinky tobacco sticks and are looking for a healthier alternative to get your nicotine fix, vaping is definitely an option you should consider.